At first glance, the website appears to be a useful tool that would provide its visitors with the latest news. However, this is one of the countless bogus websites online that do not provide any content of value, and instead, seek to benefit from their visitors using various shady tricks.

Spams Users with a Constant Flow of Advertisements

Upon visiting the page, users will be asked to permit the site to display Web browser notifications. Keeping in mind that this fake page poses as a legitimate news website, many users may be tricked to allow browser notifications thinking that they will be alerted for the latest breaking news. However, this is not the case, certainly. As soon as a visitor allows this dodgy page to display Web browser notifications, they will be flooded with irrelevant and unwanted advertisements promoting all dubious content – from pornographic videos to fake dating websites and illicit streaming platforms. Some users may receive news updates, too, among all the advertisement notifications, but it is likely that the information provided by the site will not be relevant to their interests or their area.

Users who browse low-quality websites are more likely to stumble upon the page. We would advise you to stick to legitimate websites when browsing the Web. If you are receiving Web browser notifications from the site, go to your browser settings and revoke all the permissions given to this dodgy page. Screenshots


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