Issue How to Check Storage on Mac

How to Check Storage on Mac

Mac devices are often regarded to be finely tuned and possess harmonious systems that combine both hardware and software components. Unfortunately, one drawback that has been often associated with these devices is that it is notoriously difficult, and sometimes impossible, to upgrade individual hardware components, such as getting a bigger SSD to store more videos, photos, movies, etc. 

This means that Mac users may need to pay more attention to their Mac storage space, how much is still available, and if they will need to delete some existing files to make room for new content. As a result, knowing how to check your Mac's storage quickly could be a handy skill. 

Checking Disk Space on Mac

  1. Locate and click on the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of the Mac's screen.
  2. From the available options, click on 'About This Mac.'
  3. Select the Storage Tab. Here you can see what is currently stored on the device, all sorted into color-coded sections for easy navigation. You can hover your mouse cursor over each section and see more information about it specifically. You can use the displayed details to determine if you need to delete some unused apps or large files.

Keep in mind that any external drives, additional APFS containers, or HFS+ partitions also will appear in the About This Mac window. Each will be shown as a distinct drive with a separate storage breakdown. 

How to Check Storage on Mac Screenshots

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