Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 102
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 1,072,649
First Seen: August 20, 2019
Last Seen: May 24, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Segurazo Image

The Segurazo application, a/k/a SAntivirus, presents itself as a helpful, genuine antivirus tool capable of bringing considerable benefits to those who give it a chance. However, in reality, Segurazo is far from helpful and is certainly not as trustworthy a tool as one would expect from an antivirus application. Instead of effective threat detection and real-time protection, SAntivirus will bombard you with dozens of falsely exaggerated security reports in a relentless effort to urge you to buy the premium version of this dodgy tool.

Segurazo Attempts to Intimidate Victimized Computer Users

In general, malware actors tend to distribute Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) by smuggling them into software bundles containing all sorts of legit programs. Like any other PUP, Segurazo often lands on targeted PCs as part of a software bundle. You can inadvertently install one if you click on a deceptive pop-up ad, a fake Flash update, or a random free software bundle. Long story short, you may end up installing Segurazo alongside the original software you were looking for. Of course, that won't happen unless you go for a custom or advanced installation rather than a full one. That is why it is always useful to hand-pick the bundle components you wish to install while disregarding those with next to nothing to do with your original purpose.

This Week In Malware Episode 43 Part 3 Video: Bogus Segurazo Antivirus Tricks Computer Users Using Fake Features

Dangerous Social Engineering Techniques From Segurazo Could Lead to Wasting Money

If you still happen to let Segurazo install itself on your machine, be ready for a wave of exaggerated security reports. Those reports will be very likely to predict a bleak for your PC unless you purchase a premium Segurazo subscription. Such behavior is typical of any rogue antivirus application out there, and Segurazo makes no exception. The purpose is clear — to mislead you into believing that your system is under imminent threat due to the number of security issues found by the seemingly simple SAntivirus tool. The thing is, even if you do pay to unlock all the features Segurazo claims to have, you would still be unable to fix any of the imaginary issues outlined therein. Such intimidation technique works surprisingly well in general, which may explain why many PC users end up purchasing the full Segurazo antivirus package that would promise them to fix all existent (and even non-existent) security issues in their PCs.

When searching for a genuine antivirus solution, bear in mind that no legitimate application would resort to intimidation and social engineering tricks to urge you to get the full version of the product. Any application that does so is not trustworthy, and you should not waste your hard-earned money on it. To date, dozens of reputable antivirus program vendors have flagged the Segurazo application as unsafe, riskware, hack tool, or PUP.

How to Safely Remove Segurazo and Stop Its Unwanted Actions

If you want to purchase a subscription to a real-time online security service, make sure you do your research first and only trust applications from legitimate, reputable vendors. Once you’ve picked a robust software solution capable of doing the job, use it to remove Segurazo, as well as any other unwanted applications, from your system. If you wish to do it manually, you will need to perform a thorough search for deceptive programs on your Control Panel and suspicious extensions in your web browser(s). Those procedures may differ depending on your underlying OS and default browser.

The process for removing Segurazo or SAntivirus should never be taken lightly, as such a technique could fail for computer users who are not savvy enough to manually delete all files associated with Segurazo. Applicable to most computer operating systems, including recent versions of Windows, Segurazo may be eliminated automatically by using an updated antimalware tool. Such a process may be done by virtually any computer user, experienced or not.

It is essential that Segurazo be removed using an antimalware program to ensure no associated files are left behind to conduct unwanted activity or lead to prompts by the Segurazo app to entice the purchase of an alleged ‘full version’ of the Segurazo program, which serves no good use as we explained earlier. Furthermore, using an antimalware program will also ensure that any other malware is found and removed to keep your system free from unwanted applications or malevolent files.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Segurazo

File System Details

Segurazo may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. rsenginehelper.exe.config e3d5f62b7b28176a510484e465fa0f18 289,825
2. exclusionslist.dat f084d2fbfdfad019c73c12756429951d 17,535
3. segurazoservice.exe 8aab305d9431623eb48731c1afe1f99c 1,938
4. rsEnginePM_x64.dll f33b211a5a27f3fd45c7e16479e42772 1,232
5. segurazoservice.exe 11436062f13ae6aec434dd8f094d3c1d 1,012
6. sinspector.dll afa613af1332326ec9081ec55b0a009a 966
7. segurazoservice.exe 75029587f7e673772f891221d5e6a0f7 704
8. segurazoservice.exe a918bad46a58d646e315cc71a0cd314b 678
9. segurazoservice.exe b3a045d5181d315bc49d6bfac5eb37d2 555
10. segurazoic.exe f02ad47371bae19df3ace0788b14c7e0 382
11. segurazoservice.exe a7d75b706365e36a61264338d26d43e2 358
12. segurazoic.exe bee01fefb44bd2ed77d8799f6d45ffeb 348
13. segurazoservice.exe e1d77593a5ab277a01d7e3f7ecc6123a 306
14. segurazoic.exe e8f44c3e9bdac233b2cd20cb43ffd806 285
15. segurazokd.sys 5589ead8a24a0d901175b3daa1227a40 229
16. segurazoservice.exe cbaf7b371c5a888de8840d937a12c3b0 221
17. segurazoservice.exe 1daae6285b600484ab2b4be3d8fb27bf 199
18. segurazoic.exe c23de3bc3aec8c379d48e09b72b6b3a1 172
19. segurazoservice.exe 7cd3a6baaa072ada75976711e163e1fb 134
20. segurazoservice.exe 715dfe3b8b9c43b4ed13940814e67e29 111
21. segurazosetup.exe 9117233ba3a15f81b3d84438426d9030 37
22. SegurazoSetup.exe f569405567d73b19b773530549668a96 27

Registry Details

Segurazo may create the following registry entry or registry entries:


Segurazo may create the following directory or directories:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Digital Communications\SAntivirus
%allusersprofile%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\segurazo


Danubia Gonsalves Pereira Reply

O meu pc anda muito lento

As required by Windows, Segurazo comes complete with an uninstaller, though it is well hidden. Doing a search on santivirus will find it, however.

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