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EnigmaSoft Becomes Member & Demonstrates Its Commitment to Helping Provide a Safe, Secure Internet

DUBLIN, Ireland - December 13, 2018 - EnigmaSoft Limited, a leading provider of anti-malware solutions, has reaffirmed its position to provide a safe and clean environment on the Internet alongside, the first-of-its-kind non-profit group offering a real voice to digital service providers working together to help to ensure security and privacy for consumers. comes at a time when the Internet is strife with malicious software, privacy violations, fraudulent activity, and data breaches. In hopes to curtail, or at least identify, such malevolent activity to hold perpetrators liable, has been formed.'s Alliance with Computer Security Firms Helps Fulfill the Goal of Giving Consumers a Safer Internet

Since the creation and release of in November 2018, the organization has gained recognition and positive acknowledgments from many trusted computer security firms. By connecting with's network of experts in the privacy, security, advertising, government, and consumer advocacy arenas, EnigmaSoft can continue its mission of helping consumers around the globe and to make a tangible impact on guarding against Internet security risks.

EnigmaSoft has had a practice of regularly interacting with the computer and Internet security communities by joining webinars and cross-industry discussions with other Internet businesses, developers, and app creators to develop consumer protection standards and to engage in informative discussions about the AppEsteem and Microsoft requirements regarding apps.'s efforts are underscored by its determination to bring the best software and app developers together along with computer security experts and supporters of a clean Internet to work jointly towards a common goal of Internet security for consumers. In joining's efforts which are focused on a goal of solving Internet consumer-protection issues, EnigmaSoft has taken yet another step as part of its own ongoing consumer-protection initiatives that further cements EnigmaSoft's demonstrated commitment to improving the Internet in general for consumers and software vendors committed to a fair and safe app marketplace.

"We formed because it's clear that the current go-it-alone approach to privacy, security, and other elements of consumer protection – where it's every company or organization for itself, in its own silo – just isn't working," said Bogdan Odulinski,'s president and a member of its board of directors. "A safer internet starts with organizations who are committed to it, joining together to treat consumers right and put pressure on those who don't." EnigmaSoft is a company that shares in that commitment.

Membership Benefits of Joining

The benefit of joining opens members up to a community of experts who share industry knowledge through various vendors to comply with newer, stricter, Microsoft and AppEsteem requirements. Moreover, each month allows members to participate and contribute to discussions on topics covering a vast array of Internet security, privacy policy, and new changes in standards from sources such as Google and Microsoft. is also committed to giving members an opportunity to attend hosted events in different locations around the world featuring many different Internet economy expert speakers and guests.

In addition to partnerships formed by with many trusted organizations, such as Microsoft, AppEsteem, the Federal Trade Commission, and various consumer groups, the added voice of support from app developers like EnigmaSoft will also help to fortify the efforts to reach a common ground for those who combat Internet woes on a daily basis. Along with EnigmaSoft, many other trusted companies in the Informational Technology sector will join in the shared mission to better consumer protection on the Internet, ultimately making the Internet a better and safer place for everyone.

About EnigmaSoft Limited

EnigmaSoft Limited is a privately held Irish company with offices and global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. EnigmaSoft is best known for developing and distributing SpyHunter, an anti-malware software product and service. SpyHunter has been certified by TRUSTe's Trusted Download Program and has achieved a 100% score in independent testing by AV-TEST. SpyHunter detects and removes malware, enhances Internet privacy, and helps to eliminate security threats – addressing issues such as malware, ransomware, trojans, rogue anti-spyware, and other objects or malicious security threats affecting millions of PC users on the web.