What to Do if it Appears that SpyHunter 5 Has Not Detected or Removed Malware or Other Objects?

In most cases, SpyHunter 5 is able to detect and address issues automatically, without the need for technical support interaction. Still, it is important to remember that no anti-virus or anti-malware program is 100% effective in all cases. This is one of the reasons SpyHunter 5 includes the Spyware HelpDesk, an advanced technical support desk, for paid subscribers.

One special and valuable feature of SpyHunter 5's Spyware HelpDesk is the ability for our technical support team to create custom fixes for unique issues specific to your system. If a malware infection cannot be addressed automatically by SpyHunter 5, our support agents can utilize this feature to address the issue.

If you believe that there is undetected or unremoved malware or other objects on your system, we encourage you to open a support ticket, through the Spyware HelpDesk. When creating the support ticket, please include any symptoms or abnormalities that you have noticed, as well as a general description of any issues.

After reviewing your support ticket, our technical support team may request you to send a Diagnostic Report to assist them with diagnosing your issue and providing you with a custom fix. Please click this link for instructions on generating and transmitting a Diagnostic Report.