More and more cyber crooks are opting to use PayPal phishing pages to generate revenue off the backs of unsuspecting users. One of the most well-used tools for the creation of phishing pages is the 16Shop phishing kit. The authors of the 16Shop phishing kit are very experienced in the area. Cybersecurity analysts are familiar with the work of the hacking group behind the 16Shop phishing kit. Over the years, these cybercriminals have developed phishing pages mimicking commonly used online services such as American Express, Apple, and Amazon.

The Creators of the 16Shop Kit Provide Their Clients with Many Perks

The creators of the 16Shop phishing kit have decided to target PayPal in their latest campaign. The 16Shop kit can be used by shady individuals around the world as it is available in English and also in Spanish, German, Japanese, and Thai. The cyber crooks who opt to take advantage of the 16Shop kit do not even need to have a Web hosting service to carry out their malicious operations. This is because the authors of the 16Shop phishing kit provide their clients with a readily available server. Furthermore, the creators of the 16Shop kit have developed a user-friendly interface for their administrator panel, which makes the phishing kit even easier to use. The gang behind the 16Shop kit also provide their customers with live chat support that is responsible for resolving any issues they may have. All these perks have certainly gone a long way in earning new clients for the creators of the 16Shop phishing kit as this tool is growing in popularity.


Like most phishing pages, the ones set up with the 16Shop kit are able to collect the login credentials of the targeted users. However, the 16Shop is also capable of gathering additional sensitive data that makes this tool even more dangerous. Cyber crooks who take advantage of the 16Shop phishing kit will also be able to get their hands on the victim’s credit card information, geographical locations, mobile phone number, and email address. The data in question is collected by urging the user to fill in their personal details in bogus confirmation prompts that are built to resemble the genuine alerts that the PayPal service would display. All the sensitive data gathered in the campaign will then be transferred to the attackers’ email inbox.

The 16Shop phishing kit is gaining popularity because of the user-friendly interface and the support that its authors offer their clients. This makes the 16Shop phishing kit one of the most noteworthy threats of this type at the moment. Malware experts advise users to be extra cautious when filling in sensitive information – keep a close eye on the website for any inconsistencies and suspicious behavior, if such is detected do not provide the page with your personal information and exit the site.


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