Threat Database Adware BrowserState


BrowserState is a dubious application that is being distributed through deceptive means. As a result, most users may not have even noticed that an intruder application was delivered to their Mac systems. The heavy reliance on such questionable methods for distribution classifies BrowserState as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) as well.

The typical PUP is designed to start generating monetary gains for its creators almost immediately after being delivered to the user's computer or device. BrowserState is not an exception as it can start generating intrusive ads that could severely impact the user experience on the system. The advertisements themselves should be viewed as potential risks - by clicking on any of them, users could trigger a forced redirect and find themselves landing on questionable or unsafe third-party websites.

Alongside its adware functionality, BrowserState also is equipped with browser hijacker capabilities. It will establish control over the Web browser and set certain settings to start opening a promoted address. Usually, PUPs go after the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine to generate as much artificial traffic as possible. The promoted page usually belongs to a fake search engine that cannot produce results on its own. The search queries of the users are instead redirected to Yahoo, Bing, Google, or another dubious engine that can deliver low-quality results. 

Another worrying aspect of most PUPs is their ability to access, package, and transmit data. Information such as the entire browsing and search histories, alongside all clicked links and numerous device details (IP address, geolocation, ISP, and more) could be uploaded to a remote server and exploited by the operators of the PUP. 


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